A Cycling Coach that will help you be your best

Improving athletic performance requires more than just a training plan; a more holistic approach is required. As a Cyclign Coach I believe the starting point is to gain a deep understanding of both the rider and the demands of their chosen event.

Defining the gap between where the rider is today and where they need to be to achieve their aims is the foundation of an exciting and rewarding journey to success. Working with an empathetic coach who understands all aspects of cycling performance from nutrition to bike fitting will guide you towards your achievements.

Foundation offers

if you don’t want the commitment of ongoing regular coaching, you can still receive a bespoke solution with one of the following options:

Foundation Training Plan

For those who want a personalised training plan but don’t want the commitment of regular coaching support.
A bespoke 12 week training plan benefitting from all the same core services as regular coaching but without any ongoing commitment.


Foundation Training Review

Are you worried you might be over-training? Maybe your progress has started to stagnate?

Try our individual Training Review and get a professional opinion on how to get your training back on-track.

(Heart rate monitor required)


Advanced Training Review

With all the features of our Foundation Training Review plus lots of detailed statistical analysis using WKO5 software.

(Power meter required)


1-2-1 SKILLS Training

Everyone can benefit from on-the-bike skills training. Not only will it make you more confident, it will make you faster.

Personal one-to-one tuition available for time trial bikes, road bikes and cyclo-cross / gravel bikes.

from £50

Coaching Offers

Choose from one of the following options:



Ideal for those being coached for the first time
Monthly progress review & plan revision
Benchmark testing to measure progress against your goals
TrainingPeaks Basic account (option to upgrade)

£70 / Month*

(Heart rate monitor recommended)



Aimed at those who want to train effectively with a power meter
Weekly progress review & plan revision
Power Profile testing to identify your strengths and weaknesses as a rider
TrainingPeaks Basic account (option to upgrade)

£90 / Month*

(Power meter recommended)



Aimed at the truly dedicated rider who wants to maximise their performance
Weekly progress review & plan revision as required
Power-Duration Curve testing to precisely measure your performance and compare with others
TrainingPeaks Premium account
Strength & conditioning programme

£120 / Month

(Power meter required)

*£120 for the first month to cover initial planning activities

All coaching packages include a core suite of services which are then built upon depending on of the level of support you desire

Core services for all athletes:


Extensive rider profiling through questionnaire and interview


Definition of your short, medium and long-term goals


Periodised annual plan based around your goals for the coming season


Definition of your personal training zones (heart rate and / or power)


Benchmark testing to measure your improvements


Bespoke training plan uploaded to TrainingPeaks

Cyclo Cross

About Me

As a qualified level 3 British Cycling coach and a competitive rider who has benefited greatly by using a coach, I am convinced it is the most effective way of continuously improving performance. In particular when training has to be squeezed around family and work commitments you need to know that every hour spent training is working towards achieving your ambitions.

Coaching is not just about training plans, it is about having a critical friend as British Cycling puts it in their article on the Benefits of Using a British Cycling Level 3 Coach. An expert in all aspects of the sport who will guide you on your personal journey to being the best cyclist you can be.

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