Bike Fitting

Why consider a personalised bike fit?

It’s the foundation of riding a bike quickly and efficiently, without pain or injury. It will allow you to ride powerfully, giving you the confidence to perform at your best. 

What makes our service different is that we use techniques that push the boundaries of the traditional bike fit and we can focus on the most effective position for you, giving you the optimum bike fit.

If you’re experiencing pain when you cycle, you may need to consider a personalised bike fit.

Prices includes a follow-up session once you’ve had time to test your bike fit out in the real world within six weeks.

See our brand-new bike fit studio below.

Bespoke Bike Fit Studio

The newly refurbished, bespoke bike fit studio is clean, bright and airy with good ventilation. A lot of effort has gone into making a relaxing, comfortable space in which to get personalised service.

Toilets and refreshments are available.

Choose from the following

Saddle Fitting

Find your perfect saddle with the Prologo Myown system. Using the system we can:

  • Measure your ischial bone width
  • Measure your flexibility
  • Calculate your BMI
  • Determine what type of riding you do

Once you've chosen your saddle we can fit it to your bike so you can try it before you buy.

Allow 30-60 minutes.


with every saddle purchase.

(£30 without saddle purchase)

Basic Road Bike Fit

This is our full and most popular bike fit. Here we work with you and your bike to find the optimum position for injury prevention, comfort, speed and sustainability.


  • Initial assessment of bike and rider
  • Cleat set-up
  • Basic foot correction
  • Saddle height optimisation
  • Saddle layback positioning
  • Handlebar height positioning
  • Stem length optimisation
  • Summary report detailing all findings and fit changes

Please allow 2-3 hours for this session.


(£99 for coached clients)

Complete Road Bike Fit

With all the features of a basic Bike Fit PLUS

Please allow 3-4 hours for this session.


(£179 for coached clients)

TT Bike Fit

Includes all the elements of the Road Bike Fit, with the added complexity of a Time Trial or triathlon bike.

Your fit will be optimised for maximum efficiency, comfort and aerodynamics.

Please allow 3 hours for this session to accommodate the extra time and effort required to fit a TT / Tri bike.


(£115 for coached clients)

Get in Touch

Whether your event is a Sportive, Gran Fondo, Triathlon, Time trial, Hill Climb, Road or Cyclo-cross race, get in touch now and start on the path to achievement.

Based in scenic North Yorkshire Russell Gordon is a qualified Level 3 British Cycling Coach, bike-fitter and experienced competitive rider, who is an expert in all aspects of the sport.

If you would like advice or want to talk about any of our packages please get in touch for a FREE consultation

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