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From beginner to elite rider, InSync Cycling Coach can continually optimise your training so you become the best that you can be


The Insync Cycling Coaching Year

So how does it work?

You: The process is the same for all athletes regardless of their ability or chosen package. It begins by gaining a thorough understanding of your background, health, physical abilities and motivations. Through detailed questioning and interviewing we define together, your goals and ambitions as a cyclist.

Planning: Next we define the process goals necessary to facilitate your season’s goals and the benchmark tests required to track progress e.g. Functional Threshold Power Test. Training phases and test dates are then aligned to the target events in your personal Annual Plan.

Training, testing & racing: When we have agreed the Annual Plan, we define the detailed training right down to individual training sessions. All training and racing results are analysed via TrainingPeaks and WKO5 and we begin the ongoing feedback loop: Prescribe-Execute-Evaluate.

Results: At year end (or season) we review progress against the goals we set right at the beginning. It is a time firstly, to celebrate everything you have achieved during the season and secondly, to agree what both coach and rider can do to be even better the following season.



Efficiency and injury-prevention: Optimum bike fit, Strength & Conditioning, flexibility


Effective training which target the demands of your event


Expert bike-handling skills & optimised equipment


Building confidence, motivation, mental toughness and combating pre-race nerves


Nutrition, rest and adaption


Event tactics: Event planning, pacing, fuelling strategy


The Components of Peak Performance

Improving athletic performance requires more than just a training plan; a more holistic approach is required. At InSync Cycling I believe the starting point is to gain a deep understanding of both the rider and the demands of their chosen event.

Defining the gap between where the rider is today and where they need to be to achieve their aims is the foundation of an exciting and rewarding journey to success. Working with an empathetic coach who understands all aspects of cycling performance from nutrition to bike fitting will guide you towards your achievements.

State of the art digital analysis and reporting

All training sessions are delivered via TrainingPeaks so both planned and completed workouts can be reviewed on a free mobile app. Subjective feedback can be inputted by both rider and coach and viewed instantly. You can sync your planned workouts to compatible devices from Garmin, Wahoo, Zwift, and others to receive on-screen intensity targets and interval countdown timers.

For detailed analysis I use WKO5, the most powerful analytical engine available. WKO5 moves beyond using Functional Threshold Power as the single metric to determine all training and progress. The Power Duration curve uses all of your data to determine additional metrics such as: Pmax, Functional Reserve Capacity, Modelled FTP and VO2 max as well as defining Dr. Andy Coggan’s Individualised Power Levels (iLevels) to individualise your training instead of simply basing them on a percentage of FTP.


In-house Professional Performance Bike Fitting

A personalised bike fit is the foundation of riding a bike quickly, efficiently and without pain, discomfort or injury. This allows you to ride powerfully, giving you the confidence to perform at your best.

I employ a combination of conventional techniques and a new approach to Body Geometry that pushes the boundaries of the traditional bike fit. Rather than simply relying on measurements as compared to normative datasets, fitting is focused on the most effective position for you. The cost includes a one-hour follow-up session to confirm your position when you’ve had time to test it in the real world within 6 weeks.

Cyclo Cross

About Me

As a qualified level 3 British Cycling coach and a competitive rider who has benefited greatly by using a coach, I am convinced it is the most effective way of continuously improving performance. In particular when training has to be squeezed around family and work commitments you need to know that every hour spent training is working towards achieving your ambitions.

Coaching is not just about training plans, it is about having a critical friend as British Cycling puts it in their article on the Benefits of Using a British Cycling Level 3 Coach. An expert in all aspects of the sport who will guide you on your personal journey to being the best cyclist you can be.


Working with Russell has been a great experience, one that I have both benefited from and enjoyed very much.

My work which involves a lot of traveling and jet lag and not having a fixed schedule was a challenge that Russell was happy to work around.

Russell also helped with working around conditions such as the extreme heat in Dubai and my excessive sweating, developing an understanding of the limits to which I can train and what would benefit me.


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