How does cycle coaching work?

Cycling Coach

Cycle coaching involves a coach providing personalised guidance, training plans, and support to help cyclists improve their performance and achieve their cycling goals. Here’s my overview of how high-quality cycle coaching works: Coaching is a long-term endeavour and relies on a good working relationship between rider and coach. A well-matched rider-coach team can work together…

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How do you structure a cycling training plan?

Structuring a Training Plan

How you structure a cycling training plan can be confusing. You need to consider various factors such as your goals, current fitness level, available time for training and specific areas you want to improve. While the details may vary depending on individual circumstances, here are some general tips to help you structure your training plan:…

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How do I stay hydrated whilst cycling?

Cyclist Drinking

Staying hydrated whilst cycling is essential for maintaining performance and overall well-being. Here are some tips to help you stay hydrated during your rides. Drink water before you start: Make sure you’re well hydrated before you even begin cycling. Drink a glass or two of fluids before you hit the road. Carry enough fluid with…

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What is RPE?

RPE stands for Rating of Perceived Exertion. It is a scale used to record the intensity of a workout based on how hard it felt. There are many different scales, usually ranging from 1 to 10, 10 being a maximal effort. In this post I’ll discuss the origins of RPE, compare it to the high-tech…

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What is overtraining and how to avoid it?

Overtraining Syndrome is a state of excessive, prolonged fatigue with a resulting loss of performance which has no other medical explanation. Although the exact causes are unknown, it is bought-on by excessive training and/or inadequate rest and recovery and affects mainly endurance athletes. In this article we will discuss the definition of overtraining, its effects…

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What is feel good factor and how it makes your training more effective

Evaluating training is a key component of effective training, however none of this data can answer one simple question: How did you feel? Coaches and self-coached athletes are constantly going through a cycle of Prescribe > Execute > Evaluate. As cyclists we are lucky in that we have a plethora of data available to us…

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