What is Q-Factor and how does it affect your cycling?


Q-factor is the horizontal distance between the outside of one crank arm to the outside of the opposite crank arm. Stance width is the combination of this distance plus the distance from the crank to the centreline of the pedal body (sometimes also confusingly called Q-factor). This makes up the distance between pedal centres. Why…

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The importance of arch support for cyclists

The basis of a good bike fit is the foot-pedal interface. There are 26 bones in the foot and during the power phase of a pedal stroke, 19 of them are actively transferring force to the pedal. To do so efficiently and painlessly, the foot needs effective arch support. The Special Case of Cycling The…

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Five reasons why you need a bike fit

Riding a bike should be fun, comfortable and challenging, but not painful. A well-fitted bike will be a pleasure to ride, efficient and pain-free. There is enough suffering in training without having the added discomfort caused by poor bike fit. Read on to learn my top five reasons why you need a bike fit. 1.…

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