Bronze Package

Overview of Bronze Coaching

This package is for those who are enthusiastic and eager to improve on their cycling abilities. Whether your goal is just to increase fitness and / or control your weight or maybe you have higher goals but don't have a power meter, Bronze coaching is the ideal introduction to regular coaching.

As always I start by gaining an understanding of you as a person and an athlete by:

  • Building a detailed rider profile through questionnaire and interview
  • Helping you define your short, medium and long-term goals
  • Creating a Periodised annual plan based around your goals for the coming season
  • Giving nutritional advice on achieving a healthy training diet

Next we move onto improving the effectiveness of your training by:

  • Calculation of your individual heart rate training zones
  • Benchmark testing to define your current fitness and your power-based training zones (if you have access to a power meter)
  • Creating your bespoke training plan in TrainingPeaks

Your progress is then monitored and reviewed at key stages:

  • Every month we review your progress against the plan and (with your feedback) create next month's plan
  • At key stages in the season we conduct Benchmark Testing to measure your progress
  • At the end of the season we conduct an End-of-Season Review to agree what worked well and what didn't and plan for the next season

£70 / Month*

(Heart rate monitor recommended)

*£120 for the first month to cover initial planning activities

Core services for all athletes:


Extensive rider questionnaire and interview


Definition of your short, medium and long-term goals


Periodised annual plan based around your goals for the coming season


Definition of your personal training zones (heart rate and / or power)


Benchmark testing to measure your improvements


Bespoke training plan uploaded to TrainingPeaks monthly

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